Online launch of Harbord family papers catalogue

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Harbord family papers (GTN 5) on NROCAT, our online catalogue. The series dates from 1557 to1916, including a wealth of information, from pedigrees and scrapbook pages, giving an overview of the family, to the correspondence of individual Lords Suffield. They shed light on the family, its individual members, the management of their estates throughout the country, their relationships with other people and their political views. There are also items which are of heraldic interest, such as grants of arms.


Some of the papers have already been mentioned in recent blog posts, for example Mary Assheton’s commonplace book, royal connexions and Edward Harbord’s travels through ‘enemy territory’.


Edward Harbord’s correspondence has proven particularly interesting, reflecting his personal and political life, from an early age. His papers also highlight the national importance of the Harbord family, as illustrated by various papers relating to their Middleton estate and the Peterloo Massacre. On 16 August 1819, Samuel Bamford led many residents of Middleton to St Peter’s Field, Manchester, where they joined the crowd of 60,000 protesters who called for the reform of parliamentary representation. At least eleven people died, after a battle broke out. Bamford was among those who wrote letters to Edward Harbord, third Baron Suffield.


To find out more about Edward Harbord, who also campaigned for the abolition of slavery and the improvement of prisons, why not visit our searchroom and see these fascinating documents.


Other news


The volume of Gunton Hall servants’ and gamekeepers’ wages, 1822-39 (GTN 3/1/16/38), recently featured in this blog and my lunchtime talk, is now available to consult on microfilm (MF/RO 749/9). The original is undergoing considerable conservation work, so the microfilm enables access to the pages which were in a suitable condition to film.


Don’t forget, we are currently taking bookings for a walk of Cromer and Overstrand, as part of the BBC’s The Great British Story. Call the Norfolk Record Office to book your place (see the NRO page of this blog for contact details). The walk, which will bring to light the Harbord family’s impact on the area, will take place on 26 May.


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3 Responses to Online launch of Harbord family papers catalogue

  1. I am sorry you couldn’t read the family tree. It can be see in the Norfolk Record Office’s searchroom. Exhibition guides can be downloaded from
    The pedigree’s new reference number is GTN 5/1/4. The reference books in the searchroom, such as Norfolk Families may also help. There are various documents relating to the Cropleys, so I suggest searching on NROCAT, our online catalogue, which can be found at

    • Terry Baker says:

      Many thanks for your message. Unfortunately I live in Hampshire and only saw the Harbord exhibition on the way out from visiting the NRO while on holiday in April.

  2. Terry Baker says:

    Please tell me how can I view the Harbord family tree which was exhibited at the NRO recently (but was too far behind the glass to be readable)? One of my ancestors was a Cropley who was buried at nearby Roughton.

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